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Startup India Turns 5! Join us 15-16 Jan at the Summit!

Happy new year, everyone! I hope 2021 will be a happy, and better year for us all!

I’d like to start off the new year by making you aware of an upcoming event that might be of value to you. As you may know, I’ve been actively working with Indian startups over the past 15 years.* So, if you are interested in startups, read on!

India has one of the world’s most rapidly developing startup ecosystems. They boast four major startup hubs (Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Bengaluru), and currently rank 3rd in the world for unicorns (startups valued at $1 billion+). If you are following the global startup scene, India is probably your watch list.

Startup India, a national startup program sponsored by the Government of India, is approaching its 5th anniversary in January. To commemorate this milestone, Startup India is hosting a global virtual conference on 15-16 January. Attendees to the conference will have access to a wide range of thinkers, movers, and shakers in the Indian startup ecosystem. This conference will be a great opportunity to learn more about their ecosystem and how to best engage with it.

If you are an investor, entrepreneurship educator, or startup enthusiast, with an interest in India’s startup scene, I encourage you to check out the Startup India International Summit.

Admission is free. Event and registration are located here:

I’ll see you there.


*(FYI: I’ve been engaged with Indian startups for the past 15 years through my associations with the IC2 Institute (University of Texas at Austin) and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). Note: FICCI is a partner in this event.)

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