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lacey denton

VP of Business operations

lacey denton.jpeg

Lacey Denton is the VP of Business Operations at Boost Innovation Group, LLC, and India Innovation Partners. She is responsible for the daily operations of the Boost Innovation Group and provides logistical support to our program directors working in the field. 


Lacey has a background in marketing, operations, startups, community, and non-profit association management. She began her career managing projects at a premier marketing research firm; managing qualitative and quantitative projects for global clients. Lacey then partnered with the Association of Texas Professional Educators, the nation’s largest independent educator association, eventually to serve as director of membership for their over 110,000 members. Lacey also spent several years at Hart InterCivic, one of the leading election technology companies in the United States. There, she was on the operations and project management team, managing multiple large-scale projects for customers across the US.  


Lacey continued her work in the technology sector by going on to serve as moderator and senior community manager for, an exclusive online community, and startup for the social media executives at the world’s biggest brands including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and more. She then went on to become Senior Community Manager and Moderator for the Sourcing Worklab, another online community startup for sourcing and recruitment professionals. 


Lacey has a passion for working with and helping to create great teams. She is excited to support the mission of the Boost Innovation Group, LLC, and India Innovation Partners.

Lacey lives in Austin, Texas USA with her rescue dog, Pearl. She can be reached at

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