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IIP is always interested in engaging in new partner relationships to grow our practice and extend our mission of helping innovators win... because when innovators win, everyone wins!


Program Sponsors


Program sponsors, such as governmental agencies and non-profit organizations, team up with IIP to develop and implement innovation and entrepreneurship programs that deliver real, measurable results for both entrepreneurs and sponsors. 


Key attributes of IIP programs include:


  • Programs can be customized to meet specific regional or organizational needs

  • Programs are led by highly experienced innovation pros from globally recognized academies and organizations

  • IIP programs follow global best practices for innovation


IIP delivers focused, needs-driven programs delivered in a cost-effective way. See our programs page for more details. 


Innovation Network Partners 


IIP is looking to partner with the brightest minds from global innovation, entrepreneurship, and startup domains.  We are actively seeking partnerships with university innovation centers and programs.


Key benefits of partnering with an IIP program include:


  • Onsite lecture/teaching opportunities within the program

  • Student engagement internship opportunities (paid and unpaid) 

  • Brand awareness in India

  • Access to some of the best entrepreneurial talent India has to offer

  • Access to and interaction with influential leaders of Indian business, government, and academia

Interested in learning more about partnering opportunities with IIP? Contact us here

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