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IBAC grad, Rituparna Das, awarded one of 15 top women entrepreneurs by NITI Aayog

Want to talk about saving the world? Riturparna Das and team at Hydrotec Solutions are doing just that. With their innovative social startup, they are aiming to provide clean and affordable drinking water to not just India, but the world. With her belief that everyone should have access quality water, she is on a mission to make that happen. Learn more about her innovation here:

Rituparana Das was recently recognized by NITI Aayog at the Women Entrepreneurship Platform in Delhi. If you aren't familiar yet - it is a big deal. The Defense Minister of India awarded the top 15 women entrepreneurs. Das said, "Being recognized by NITI Aayog #NITIAayog's Women Entrepreneurship Platform, in Delhi, was indeed a great pleasure and great honor on the International Women's Day."

Congratulations to Das and team. They are making the world a better place - with clean, affordable drinking water for all. So proud she is a part of the IIP family!

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